Cattle Pregnancy Test

There is a procedure available to cattle producers for pregnancy testing cattle. It’s quick, simple, and inexpensive. Several producers in Lauderdale and surrounding counties are using BioPRYN pregnancy test to check for pregnancy in their cattle. It’s 99% accurate and results are available in less than 2 weeks. If you have email, results can sometimes be returned in as short as 3 days. For more information on BioPryn Pregnancy Test, go to or call your UT Extension Office at (731) 635-9551. Testing Kits and forms are available at the UT Extension Office. In order to use BioPryn Testing:

  • Cows or Heifers must be 30 days Post Breeding
  • Cows or Heifers must be 73 days post-calving
  • The blood sample is taken from underneath the tail with a syringe
  • Must collect 2 ccs or more of blood
  • Go to for testing procedures/techniques or call JC Dupree for an on-farm demonstration.
  • The cost is around $2.40 – 2.75 per animal plus the cost of the kit.
  • Note: Our office will package and mail the samples for you or if you prefer mailing the form and samples yourself please select the link below.

If you have questions concerning BioPryn Pregnancy Test, call JC Dupree, Jr at the UT Extension Office-Lauderdale County. (731) 635-9551